About honestguideto

logo3Honestguideto is all about travelling on a budget.

By budget, I don’t mean those ‘budget’ weekend trips for £500 that you can find articles about everywhere – I mean a budget when you’ve just had a massive bill come through, or you’ve already blown your holiday budget for the year, but you still need that little taste of foreign freedom!

We love to travel but we don’t have a huge travel budget or unlimited holiday days, so I try my hardest to find bargains and insider knowledge that lets me travel throughout the year.

We managed about 5 trips in 2015 for a ballpark figure of £500.  I’m calling my blog posts guide to…on a shoestring, but really it’s the tight-arse’s guide to going away!


We’ve got a companion video channel here, so you can see exactly what we did, and find out the ins and outs of how we did it with the blog.

So if you’re looking for some money saving advice, or maybe it’s your first time organising your own holiday and you need a friendly helping hand, look no further than honestguideto.


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