A note about Sun Holidays

As fellow budget travellers I should hope you’ve all heard of Sun Holidays. If you haven’t, check out how it works here.

Many will look down on these breaks, all held in your standard caravan park, but we’ve used them a number of times in the past – we can’t always afford to go abroad or an expensive city, but we do still like to get away for a long weekend even when we’re skint! (Featured photo is from just one such weekend as recent, unemployed grads). The thing to bear in mind is that you get what you pay for – but if you can’t spend more than a tenner on a holiday then it’s actually great value for money. I do recommend looking into them as they are in some lovely locations well worth a visit.

However, I’d like to put a word of warning in here. We have found booking these breaks becoming increasingly more difficult. This is primarily because it’s getting super hard to find a break that is actually £9.50pp (based on 4 people sharing). Breaks are offered over a range of dates but you’ll now find the £9.50 options tend to be limited to 2 or 3 dates in a year for each park, and these are now generally only for mid-week breaks. This isn’t true of all parks but it something to think about. There’s also generally a couple of charges added on top – this can be entertainment passes (use of the pool etc) as well as service charges (for electricity for example). Check out the small print before booking.

When it comes to entertainment passes, you can sometimes find these included. If they aren’t, think about whether it’s worth buying one – it generally just includes use of the pool, and if you might only use the pool once, you’ve paid £6-8 for a swim.

Our top tips when booking these breaks:

  • Be flexible on dates = #1 money saving tip
  • Check the small print for each park – unfortunately it’s difficult to do this before booking opens, but The Sun will contain a printed park brochure before booking opens – it’s well worth picking this up
  • Having a range of parks you’re willing to consider will make it easier for you to spend less – you’ll need at least 5 to get through the booking process
  • Set out a good amount of time to book, and do it early – that way you’ll be able to get the best holiday at the price you want
  • Probably naughty but you can google to get the codes in order to book rather than buying the papers.

Good luck getting your £10 holiday, and happy travels!


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