5 travel tips for London

I’ll keep this one short and sweet for you, as there’s thousands of sites that can give you more info than I can! So here’s a few of my top tips for travelling to and around London:

1 -We travel by train and find travelling on a Sunday or bank holiday to be the cheapest day to go (but if you’re further out from London, you might find journey times to be much longer than other days of the week). Travel after 10am on weekdays to save big on your tickets.

2 – If you’re planning to visit any of the main attractions and travel by train, check out the London 2for1 offers to save big. Just hold on to your train ticket, or alternatively, just buy a short journey that terminates in London- the ticket will still be valid for the discount, and paying a few pounds for the train ticket could still reap a saving of £25+

3 – Using contactless cards will save you money on the Tube. TIP: don’t ever buy a single/return on the Underground!!! A day travel card is almost always cheaper – check before you pay! (I know, it doesn’t make sense to us, either).

4 – Don’t be afraid to walk between stations if you’re only heading to one place; I’ve walked across London before when I had some free time, and I saved myself £7 for doing so. It’s a lot more pleasant and you can see much more of London than you do underground.

5 – If you want to travel by car, you can park at Richmond and take the Tube into the centre of town.


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